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The clients are crucial for every business success and the restaurant industry doen't make an exception. One of the challenges for the venues is to create loyal customers which requires a good strategy, but also the usage of the exact tools. There are many technical solutions on the market enabling restaurants to manage customer relations at all levels as operations related to the building and usage of customers data base including contacts, reservation information and analysis and planning. These solutions represents booking systems that offer many benefits in terms of both technical functionalities and marketing and sales activities.The different booking systems on the market at first glance seem similar. However, there are significant
Christmas is coming, one of the most beautiful holidays during the year full of a magic atmosphere. Since the holidays are related to presents shopping, most of the companies are competing to launch promotions and give discounts at this period. This is why the promotions tend to be very similar as well most of the holiday activities. Christmas, however, is related not only to gifts but also to family traditions and values, as well as to charity activities. This is a period of the year when we need to open our hearts for others and offer love and contribution to those who need them. This is why to the traditional Christmas promotions, your restaurant can add a charity activity developed by your own or in which you can engage also your
 One of the most important and long-term investments you can make related to your restaurant marketing strategy is to build a strong brand name. If you succeed to create a high brand awareness and spread a message able to remind in customers’ minds, this will already be a significant success. The well know brand is a precious resource which works for your business profit and empower all the advertising campaigns you are about to run. Moreover, a strong brand can help you maintain stable positions vs your competitors and make it more difficult for them to "steal" your customers. The question is how to build a successful brand name? There are a lot of factors that influence the brand suceess but the basis is the strong brand identity
Nowadays the good online reputation is extremely important for the restaurants because very often the customers take their decisions which venue to choose depanding on information found in internet. This information could contain photos or video of the restaurant or its menu shared by other customers in forums, social media or restaurant booking search engines. As a restaurant owner, do you have the habit to monitor regularly the content that appears online related to your brand and services? This represents a very important marketing approach that can help you manage your online brand reputation. The online reputation can have a significant impact on your business results. Online reputation monitoring and analysis One of the main
Almost each venue which has a website has also its own social media profiles. This, however, doesn’t mean that the social media presence is successful. In order to develop an efficient communication on social media, you have to build a strong strategy how to increase your brand awareness and attract more customers. The competition is very hard and it is not sufficient only to be present on socials and post beautiful images. Your communication should be original, interesting, interactive and of course part of a well developed marketing plan. Only this way, you can generate tangible results. This is not so easy to be done but each effort in this direction is important and makes you closer to your goal. We would like to give you some
The online reservation form “Book a table” on restaurant websites has become already a standard in the industry. Very often, however, owners integrate it at their website without considering to re-organize the rest of the online content in a way to stimulate users use this form. When we talk to internet reality, it is very important organizing the site content at the best possible way to lead users execute a specific action or find the information they need. Thus can be achieved specific objectives generate sales, requests, phone calls or in our case online reservations etc. The internet is a very dynamic environment and often the users remain not more than few seconds on a website if there is nothing enough interesting to capture