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Facebook and Instagram for Restaurant Businesses

Almost each venue which has a website has also its own social media profiles. This, however, doesn’t mean that the social media presence is successful. In order to develop an efficient communication on social media, you have to build a strong strategy how to increase your brand awareness and attract more customers. The competition is very hard and it is not sufficient only to be present on socials and post beautiful images. Your communication should be original, interesting, interactive and of course part of a well developed marketing plan. Only this way, you can generate tangible results. This is not so easy to be done but each effort in this direction is important and makes you closer to your goal. We would like to give you some ideas how to become more successful in social media creating loyal customers and a higher brand awareness.


Instagram and Facebook stories


Instagram and Facebook offer different formats for communication and one of them are the so called “stories”. The stories are short videos or photos which are not published as an ordinary post on the main newsfeed but in the story newsfeed. They are active only 24 hours there. After this period they disappear unless you save them in Highlights. The advantages of using this format are many. One is the urgency created by the time limits because the customers risk to miss the content. Thus, they are stimulated to see it right away and the view rate of your pictures and videos rises significantly. On the other hand, the option to group the story content in Highlights is an opportunity to create real digital story telling on different subjects and be more consistent in your communication.

For instance, such a story telling can contain videos from live events organized at your venue or can present how your chef create the dishes included in the menu or shares cooking technics and advices. The possibilities are unlimited, what counts is your creativity and ideas. The best thing of this format is the fact the two social media allow you to see the statistics of users activity and you can be aware of how many people have watched the story. This is an important information about which subjects are interesting for your audience and what should be your focus in the future.


Create brand evangelists


Don’t forget that your own satisfied customers can be very efficient in increasing the brand awareness of your restuarant by recommending it to their friends through word of mouth. Nowadays the worth of mouth can be generated not only literally but also by sharing content through social media. Think about how much new potential customers can hear of your venue if your actual customers start to share related content online. The final result could be significant if you plan such a buzz campaign in advance. For example, you can remind to your clients in the venue using different advertising material that they can make photos and videos and share them on social media. This could be flyers positioned on the tables, posters on the walls etc. Mention your concrete social profiles, as well as the hashtags related to your brand. A very creative idea, used already by some restaurants, is to put a TV smart screens on the walls broadcasting an Instagram hashtag newsfeed. It is about a hashtag related to your brand and activity. The customers can see in real time all the Instagram post containg the specific hashtag which can stimulates them to do the same by making pictures durind their experience in the restaurant and share them online. This could be a very positive and funny experience for your clients. Another idea is to invite them to take a pictute with some totem at your restaurant, cartoon poster or something else. People love make funny photos and show them to their friends.


Share a customer generated content


The content you share through your social media profile could not only be generated by you but also by your customers. To use it, first you have to find it in the specific social media by searching it using hashtag and location tags. The customer content could bring you so much value because this is a real testimonial about the quality of your services. The customer generated content is a guarantee for the quality you offer and the excellent experience your clients had. Seeing it some other clients of yours can be motivated to do the same thing, e.g to make videos and photos when they visit your restaurant and share them on social media. In Instagram you can share this content through your stories. Don’t forget to say “Thank you” to the people whose content you use. Thus, they would love to continue to do that helping to increase your brand awareness.

Be creative in the way you use social media advertising your business and try to connect the online environment with the one in your restaurant. Only this way you can accomplish a 360 degree communication with successful results.

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