Reservation System

Customizable Foor Plan

Through the RT Design Module you can create a customized floor plan for your venues. You don't need any specific designer skills, as it offers an intuitive drag-and-drop option to build and modify the layout of your venue. You can create tables of various sizes and shapes, and even define specific zones within the interior of your venue, such as bar, VIP section, kitchen, restroom and more. Additionally, you can add text and label your tables and zones for better organization.


The module allows you to group certain tables in zones and assign them unique names. This feature enables your clients to make a table reservation for a specific zone, when using the online reservation form. This enhances your guests' experience by providing them with a clear view of your restaurant's layout and enabling them to choose their preferred seating location.


Additionally, the fully customizable floor plan provides you with a visual representation of your venue, enabling you to better manage reservations, assign tables, and optimise seating arrangements