Reports and Trends

Statistics and Reports

Our reservation app comes equipped with a powerful statistics and reporting feature that enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations. This feature provides detailed reports regarding venue occupancy, effectiveness of different reservation channels used, analysis of the type of reservations, and customer information.


The Dashboard for insights and statistics offers a comprehensive overview of the business operations. With this feature, you can easily access key performance indicators such as the number of reservations made by day, month, year, or custom period and to identify peak periods and adjust staffing and inventory levels accordingly. You can view the percentage of reservations that have been confirmed, canceled, or are pending, providing an overall snapshot of the status of reservations.


You can check the percentage rate of reservations by channel, that will enables you to analyze the effectiveness of different reservation channels, such as phone, website, or third-party platforms. This information could be used to optimize marketing and promotional strategies and allocate resources to the most effective channels.


The Customers’ preferences report enables you to track and analyze customer preferences, such as seating location, menu items, and special requests. You can also keep track of the most recent customers, the most frequent and highest-spending customers, and more.