Reservation System

User permission management

You can set up different user roles with specific access levels to ensure that only authorized users have access to specific features and data. The main roles include Manager, Hostess, and Admin.


Each level of user access is designed to ensure that users only have access to the features and data necessary for their role. This helps to improve the security and integrity of the reservation system, as well as protect sensitive customer data.


The Admin level provides a full access to all features of the reservation application, including the ability to view and edit reservations, manage tables and floor plans, view reports and analytics, and access the Activity Log feature. The Admin level has access to all venues in the account, and has the ability to setup and manage user accounts and roles, configuring the application to meet the specific needs of the venue and monitoring the activity in the app. The Admin could also set up email notifications, configuring automated reminders, and customizing the reservation form fields.


The manager user can access both the Administration and Reservation modules for the venue(s) under their management. Additionally, you can receive notifications about upcoming reservations or modifications made by your staff. With a manager account, you have the ability to create and edit reservations.


The Hostess level provides access to essential features required for managing reservations, such as the ability to create and edit reservations, manage waitlists, and view floor plans. However, Hostess users do not have access to more advanced features such as reports and analytics.