Increase the number of reservations of your restaurant with Google

Increase the number of reservations of your restaurant with Google

The Reservation and Customer Relation Management Tool Reservation.Tools become an official partner of “Reserve with Google”.


The partnership enables all venues customers of Reservation.Tools to receive reservations directly by  Google Search o Google Maps.


This way, restaurants and nightclubs can add a new channel for reservations, different from the venue website or Facebook page. The Google option offers many benefits to the customers, as well to the venues.


Save time in making reservations


The process of making a reservation with “Reserve with Google” saves time for the restaurants and their customers. There is no longer a need the online users to go to the venue website to make a reservation. The Internet is a very dynamic environment and the users can click at each moment on a link, leaving the specific website. Thanks to “Reserve with Google”, however, there is no risk for restaurants to lose their customers in a similar way. Google makes the reservation process very fast and easy.


Standard reservation form


The “Reserve with Google” reservation form is a standard one for all venues that use it on Google Maps e Google Search. The online users can interact immediately. Instead, if the customer has to visit the venue website, he should the reservation form on the different pages losing more time.


No intermediaries


One of the biggest advantages of “Reserve with Google” is that the customer doesn’t pass through third-party platforms when making a reservation. They are in direct contact with the venue. On the other hand, the restaurant doesn’t have to pay commissions to third parties and be promoted through another brand.



Customers’ feedback and additional info of the venue


The reservation form is added to the already existing venue profiles on Google Maps. Thus, the customers can use the option to leave a comment or feedback sharing their experience after they visit a specific venue. In the same profile, they can find some statistical information about the restaurant's daily activities.


Free Google integration


The integration with "Reserve with Google" is a free-of-charge service for all venue customers of reservation.Tools.



If you need a professional Reservation and Customer Relation Management Tool and want to have the "Reserve with Google" online reservation form, please contact our team at